I think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoys a little hardcore rock and roll every once in a while. Get Scared are an alternative/gothic rock band that sure know how to get their listeners to scream in addition to singing their epic lyrics, especially with their new album, “Built For Blame, Laced With Shame,” set to be released on Aug. 28.

The band’s debut full-length album, “Best Kind of Mess,” released in 2011, debuted at #21 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. The band also have two EP’s, “Cheap Tricks and Theatrics” and “Get Scared.”

Joel Faviere, John Braddock, Bradley Lloyd and Dan Edwards teamed up with Grey Area Records to offer much more than loud upbeat sounds this time around — they tell their audience a story. Get Scared really know how to get listeners hooked to the lyrics and beats in their songs. It’s no surprise the band’s lyric video for “Built for Blame,” the first single off the new album, got over 27,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The first song off the album, the band’s first single, “Built For Blame,” starts off with a beat that’s carried throughout the song. With lyrics like “Eyes can only see what they want when they’re open minded to the thought of getting hurt again,” the song keeps you wanting more.

The next two tracks, “Problematic” and “Cynical Skin” remind you of just what good rock music should be. Both songs have epic drum solos and are easily accessible, even if you’re not a huge fan of the genre. “I’m growing madder by the day, fake apologies, can I just call it quits, I can’t take all of this,” and “Look around you’re lost but never found. Six feet below the ground, where you avoid your problems…Egotistic, cynical, I’m getting out of control,” are just a few lines from these sings.

The fourth track, one of my personal favorites off the album, is “Keep Myself Alive.” The tune is a little slower compared to the rest of the album, with smooth guitar solos and a softer sound until the chorus. This brings some relief after listening to the other songs on the album. Not to mention the simple yet meaningful lyrics in the song — “All of this pain will it go away? I ask myself this everyday. I just want to leave this place behind, every time I see your face in mine.”

The fifth track, “Start To Fall,” keeps the sound alive. Simple yet meaningful words, like “Tell me how I can contain everything inside…Do you want to fall down?” are used with the band’s well-known rock sound to make another great song.

The album ends with “Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun.” It’s an inspirational song with words like “Tell me I can change, tell me I can change. Don’t you dare forget the sun.” It’s the perfect way to end the great new album.

All in all Get Scared’s newest album, “Built For Blame, Laced For Shame” is enjoyable for any listener, no matter what genre you prefer. Their tracks are infectiously catchy, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from this band.

Written by Catherine Powell