Warped tour veterans Breathe Carolina are back and better than ever, despite the loss of member Kyle Even. Their fourth album, Savages, reinforces the fact that you will not stop dancing the second you turn them on. The album kicks off with “Bury Me,” a wonderful album starter that sort of is nostalgic of the beat of “Blackout”, from their previous album, Hell Is What You Make It. Other tracks, like “Sellouts,” brings Breathe Carolina back to their screamo-electric-pop roots, a mix only few bands can pull off. “Shots Fired,” also a noteable track, has some strong post-breakup lyrics anyone can relate to, revealing a softer side to the band as opposed to their usual dancey-pop style.  “Please Don’t Stay” is also a different sound, as it is also softer and hopeless romantic-like, with some acoustic twinges in the background. However catchy the album may be, it didn’t really surprise me nor was it too different than anything else they had done in the past.  Good for EDM fans, maybe, but alternative lovers may find this disappointing.

Rating: 6/10

Written by Alison

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