Formerly known as Electric Sun, Born Cages had a pretty crazy year in 2012. The band played shows all over the country and had a few radio station pick up their music! Check out what frontman, Vlad Holiday, considers the band’s best moment of 2012.

My 7th and 8th shows singing lead vocals on a stage were opening for Guns N’ Roses. You can’t deny the impact they had on rock music, so it was a pretty cool experience for me. This was in February of 2012, and I just started feeling a cold coming on as I got a call from my managers telling me that GN’R wanted us to open a show for them (which later turned into two). They were intimate venues for a band that size, but larger than anything I’ve played at the time. By the second show, I was so sick and woozy from the antibiotics that I’m surprised we made it out alive. You might ask yourself, what’s a NYC indie rock band doing opening for Guns N’ Roses? But the truth is, a lot of people see past genres. A lot of people genuinely like music for what it is.

Written by Catherine Powell