Megan & Liz’s single “Bad For Me” infected radio stations across the country this summer, and the dynamic duo have finally released an EP to accompany their new young adult sound.

The “Bad For Me” EP drops three days before the twins turn 20, and a new sense of maturity lingers throughout the six tracks. Most notable is the country-style jam “Like I Would,” which is bound to hit a nerve in some ex-boyfriend’s heart. In true Taylor Swift fashion the girls have penned a song so specifically detailed it connects to a wider audience than their typical teen girl fanbase.

Another stand out is the poppy “Sunset Somewhere.” Megan and Liz harmonize beautifully as they tell the story of a hopeful cross-country journey — skinny jeans and all.

All in all, the “Bad For Me” EP is going to be the key definer of Megan & Liz’s new, grown-up sound. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Rating: 9/10

Written by Catherine Powell