With the new year, comes a fresh, new “start”. Although you’re not necessarily starting anything over, it feels like you’re wiping your slate clean because it’s 1/1. Everyone seems to have a positive attitude, and it’s so awesome! Have you noticed in just a few days the change in the energy. Everyone seems to have a renewed sense of optimism.

It’s crazy how the power of positivity can affect your everyday life! The type of person who sees the glass as half full, can have a huge impact on everyone around them. I try my hardest every day to keep away from negativity, and it really seems to help my determination and focus.

Look at it this way- I had a bad attitude about rehearsal I find that not only am I unmotivated but it affects everyone else around me negatively!

But if I stay in a good positive mindset, we are all ready to go for hours. Time flies by and we get a lot accomplished.

Positivity is contagious! You should try it out! It’s pretty powerful. You could really be amazed at who and what you have impact on.

In fact I spent some time thinking about all the positive things that have happened to me and there’s more coming soon!

First I truly am a lucky dude to have such POSITIVE and supportive FANS. THEY make ME HAPPY EVERYDAY!

My first single ever was covered in USA Today

First Video ever – covered by Entertainment Tonight

MTV Buzzworthy – covered the video!

My debut single “Heartstrings” is on RADIO – Clearchannel’s WNCI debuted it and they have been crazy amazing supportive. Love those guys!

My cover of The Monster is being considered by RyanSeacrest.com for best Eminem Cover – WHAT!

With a new year ahead of me, I see endless opportunities! The things that have happened in the last month are unbelievably insane!

To be honest, it actually doesn’t seem like re see if it’s actually there. HaHa.

So at the top of my New Years resolution list is Spreading some POSITIVITY.

I want to share back that positive energy and pass it along hoping that everyone around me can start to catch a case of “positivity”

I know I am gonna need to keep at it 🙂

What’s at the top of your New Years Resolution List??? Let me know – @spencermusic1

Written by Catherine Powell


Kayla & Courtney

Such a sweet down to earth guy! Everyone needs to check him out and download their copy of his very first single Heartstring! We promise you will not be disappointed and you will be on your toes waiting for the next release! (:

Dana Lightman

Love the intention of spreading positivity. My experience is that positivity starts an upward spiral of energy going that is not only contagious, but creates a momentum that keeps it going. Thanks for the post.

Chris Butler

Is there a way for us to get in touch? We’d love to spread positivity with you in 2014, we have nearly 200k fans on FB!

Please send us an email. We’ve also sent you a tweet from @LIVEPositivity


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