The last few weeks have been absolutely nuts! Not complaining for sure.
I never really gave it real thought as to what exactly was going to happen. Sure it’s a bit different for everyone.
But for those of you who may be  curious, just giving you a glimpse of what goes on.
It’s sorta like a roller coaster…your in the very front seat so you can sorta see what is going to happen. And all that anticipation as the 
coaster starts at the bottom and begins to make the slow climb — chug, chug, chug up it goes and then you get to the top (launch day) and then SWOOSH 
the winding crazy ride begins, filled with excitement and anxiety about whats next – lots of twist and turns and not much time to think or catch your breath.
Not gonna lie…I love it!!!
week 1
I released a duet cover song of Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran’s “Everything Has Changed” with Stefanie Scott from Disney’s Ant Farm and Wreck It Ralph.
The outcome of that release was pretty crazy!
My very first release was picked up by USA TODAY.
   My first celeb mag photo appeared in J14 magazine randomly. Apparently paparazzi snapped a shot of me and Stef hanging at Amoeba Records. Love that place! I didnt know I was in there — a fan posted a screen shot of it on my socials.

Crazy first week!

week 2
Just a week later came the video release of the cover – Entertainment Tonight released that as an exclusive! Are you kidding me??? Apparently not!

The fans have been SO unbelievable, posting amazing comments about the song and video. (oh and – Stefanie was so sweet and fun to work with!)

week 3
Last week, I was able to drop my debut single “Heartstrings” on Just Jared Jr and then… iTunes the NEXT day…something I’ve been waiting for my whole life!
i kept refreshing iTunes to be sure I was actually really there! LOL

week 4
RADIO –Wait – what?!! Yes, only a week later it got played on the radio! That just doesn’t happen.
It was insane to hear MY name announced on one of the leading radio stations in the country! 
Truly an out of body experience. 

Well thats what I have experienced thus far and I can tell you  — I don’t want the ride to ever end!

Written by Catherine Powell

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