Everyone has fears right?
Sometimes they can even be irrational!
The best way to overcome your fears is more simple than one might think. FACE THEM!
A lot of times people wont even try to get over there fears – they just accept that they have them and work.
around them and miss out on life experiences, that is UNTIL they are presented with a situation where they are forced to HAVE TO FACE THEM!
For me, fear of heights WAS one my biggest fears! Only topped by Even worse — flying in an airplane! WHAAAT!
I tried to face my fear of heights a couple years ago when I was with my friends.
by going on the amusement park ride “Tower of Terror.” What was I thinking???
This is a ride that drops 200 feet faster than the speed of gravity. Maybe a little TOO Extreme for my first FACE OFF with fear:)
My ultimate fear of heights … FLYING in an airplane! WHAAAT!
For what I do I HAD to fly and I didnt want anything to stand in the way of success so I was forced to FACE MY
I’m pretty sure no one knew how ridiculously afraid I was as I boarded the plane and then that crazy take off
It’s like a race car with wings! How does that work I kept asking myself???
If you think about it, it’s an irrational fear, so I just learned to let go and accept “alright, I’m 30,000 feet in the air riding in a flying race car and I’m on the safest form of transportation possible.” When turbulence kicks up i just think of it as one of those amusement rides that jerks you around until your sick.
It’s hard sometimes to just face your fear all at once, so you can take steps to get there. I recommend you Google it – I do it regularly 🙂
If you really think about it, life is so short, and we never really know how much longer we have. Why live it in fear? If something is standing in your way of achieving your goal or dream, FACE IT. You never know, it could be a lot less
scarier than you thought.
What are your Fears? Hit me with them @spencermusic1

Written by Catherine Powell

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