What do fans really want? Connecting with fans is so important to me. After all, the fans are what make you! No connection = No fans!

This can be accomplished in so many ways from song lyrics, on social media, on stage or in person! One person who is awesome at connecting with fans is Taylor Swift. I saw her live show, and the interaction she had with her fans both on stage and at her meet and greet was no less than incredible. She seemed so genuine and happy to be there, and the fans felt her energy!
I REALLY enjoy spending time with fans. After every show I have a Meet-n-Greet, and I don’t leave until I have met everyone. I don’t care if it takes 6 hours (which it actually has before haha), as long as I’m spending time with fans, I love it! I love them!
Also on twitter, instagram, etc, I make sure to talk to EVERYONE. Not because I feel like I have to, but because I really enjoy it.
A personal connection with fans is so important to me because without them, where would I be?

I have heard of all kinds of things artists are doing for their fans to try to connect, but I always wonder though — what do fans REALLY want??
Meet-n-Greet, Eat-n-Greet, After Show Bus Party, Sound Check Party, Private Acoustic Performance, Private Phoner or Skype Session, Autographed Memorabilia (ya know stuff the artists actually wore!), Private party for you and your friends at your own home???? Or maybe its something random like bowling 😉

I am sure you all can think of a zillion ideas — so what is really the ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE???
Hit me up at @spencermusic1 — I want to know!

Oh and I want to kick it off by including my fans in my new LYRIC VIDEO! So submit a photo of YOU and a word from my single “Heartstrings” (available on iTunes) Submit it on Twitter at #spencersheartringslyrics

Written by Catherine Powell

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