photo 1… I couldn’t have imagined a cooler venue. And the show hadn’t even started yet!

Since it was only the second day and I was still figuring out how to plan my days, I decided to be ready in time to watch Jackson’s set. I ended up loving it so much that I decided to plan that way every night for the rest of tour! It was a great way to get in the zone before performing. My band and I huddled up and my manager, Kevin Jonas Sr., gave me a good luck hug. After just one show, all of a sudden my nerves turned into excitement! I couldn’t wait for my lucky fist bump from our stage manager – my cue!

As a perfectionist, improvising is not my forte, and I was so surprised that it only took one show to loosen up! It was all because of the audience. It was my first outdoor show, and I loved being able to see everyone so clearly! After a few songs, a girl near the front yelled, “I love you!” And I said, “I love you too!” Little did I know we would run into each other at the fair later and ride a roller coaster together. I can still remember the faces of the people I waved at, the gorgeous golden lighting that only happens at the perfect time of night, and my guitar player’s smile as we made eye contact during Only in the Movies, my favorite song to perform. It was the perfect show! My manager still talks about how I “bounced” off stage that night.

photo 2Since this was the first chance I had to watch Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush perform, my band and I went straight to the audience from the stage! We had the best time dancing with fans. As an avid “fangirl,” I felt very at home back in the crowd! It’s funny thinking back to when I hadn’t memorized BTR and Vic’s set lists – now that tour is over I can practically experience the show again whenever I want just by memory alone! To add to the long list of firsts, that night was the first time I met one of the sweetest, most inspiring people I’ve had the honor of knowing, Alexa Vega! I was star struck by the fact that she played Carmen in Spy Kids but I tried to play it cool. We spent the night dancing to BTR and have spent many more the same way!

I stayed as long as I could, but right before BTR finished, I left to go to my meet and greet. Even after a perfect day, the meet and greet was still the highlight. I saw the girls who I had given tickets to, heard all about their night, and met so many people who I had been tweeting back and forth with before tour! It felt like seeing old friends.

photo 3I hugged the last person in line just before midnight, and then my band, my family, and I decided to run into the fair before it closed. We had the place to ourselves – It was almost completely empty except for a few fans from the show. We all rushed to ride as many rides as possible. After only a few minutes and a few rides, we had to run back to the bus… The show must go on!

As soon as we reached the bus, I put on my pink, cozy, brand new Big Time Rush sweatshirt, and my band and I sat down in the front lounge to watch my favorite James Bond movie, Casino Royale, which just happened to be on TV. At the risk of overusing the word “perfect,” it was the perfect end to the perfect day. I could hardly sleep knowing that when I woke up I would open the blinds and see my hometown, San Francisco! I could already tell it was going to be the best summer of my life.

photo 4

Written by Catherine Powell


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