photo 1My mom said going on tour would be like running away with the circus, and, sure enough, the first morning I opened the blinds of our tour bus, there were elephants walking by my window under a giant red and white tent! It was the Del Mar Fair on June 22, 2013. Opening night at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles had been the night before, and this was my first real day out on tour. I hardly knew what to do first! There was so much to see backstage let alone at the surrounding fair. I could hear Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice sound checking from my bus, which got me so excited. And nervous. Everyone in the fair would be able to hear me! But somehow, with the first night behind me, the nerves started to fade away. Sure enough, sound check was so much more fun because some of the fans from Big Time Rush’s sound check party stayed to watch me! I loved the inclusive environment of this venue.

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I knew I wanted to give away tickets to fans, and the fair couldn’t have made it any easier. Each show, we get a few tickets to give away to friends, family, or press. While I was at sound check, my mom had a chance to walk around the fair, and on her way back to the buses, she met three girls who desperately wanted to see the show but didn’t have tickets! I found our tickets and ran out to meet them. I asked them if they would show me around the fair, so we walked around together and they introduced me to the goats they were showing at the fair. One of them was named after Princess Buttercup, a character from one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride! They thought it was so funny that I wanted pictures with their goats. I thought it was the perfect trade! They got to see the show, and I got to see their goats!

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Princess Buttercup wasn’t the only furry creature I met that day. Backstage at catering, I met James Maslow’s dog Fox! He looks just like miniature husky – exactly like one of the stuffed animals you could win at the fair. I quickly discovered that catering was the place to make new friends. I ran into Jackson Guthy, the opening act before me, and his friend George, who told me they wanted to go do the zip line! Seriously?! A zip line? I couldn’t imagine a cooler venue. And the show hadn’t even started yet…

Written by Catherine Powell



I love Olivia Somerlyn.

I saw her this summer on the Big Time Rush Summer Break Tour.
She is an awesome singer and dancer.


olivia somerlyn
album or track:
better with u
she made a tour with big time rush and Victoria Justice and jonas brothers
text from a fan:
i love u olivia u, are the best, u r kind and pretty


I love Olivia! She is seriously an amazing inspiration to me 🙂 I met her on July 3rd at the Summer Break Tour, and she was so sweet 🙂 I LOVE YOU OLIVIA 😀


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