Sitting outside on this beautiful Fall day, we ponder at the calendar accepting that this crazy year has flown by faster than we’ve been able to comprehend. For those of you who are unaware of us, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. We are Brandon and Savannah-a brother/sister alternative pop duo. We have spent this past year discovering who we are as artists and we are quickly falling into the pace of this crazy beautiful lifestyle consisting of traveling, performing, making music and still being your average teenagers. As the summer days slowly faded and the fall breeze abruptly entered amongst the tall green palm trees of Los Angeles, the holiday seasons and all of the festivities have come along once more. You would think that this time of year would become over-rated after 16/14 years of experiencing it, but oddly enough, it is surprisingly refreshing. I’m guessing it’s something that grows on you with age, either way, this off time from business and the ‘normal routine’ has been relaxing.

We’ve been told to discuss common interest amongst this blog for all of you reading, so we decided to reveal that yes, although no surprise, we do tell Diplo what to listen to. All jokes aside, our playlists on Spotify have been rather hectic recently consisting of lots of synth/pop, electronic, folk and very urban artists capable of hypnotizing listeners with beautiful songs. Our favorite albums are currently Chvrches ‘The Bones of What you Believe’, Son Lux ‘Lanterns’ as well as SOHN ‘The Wheel EP’. If you have not heard of these artists, we highly recommend you do your research. Most of you may not know this but we actually have an everyday-growing-obsession with the one and only Kanye West. This obsession is honestly for no apparent reason except for the fact that he is a music pioneering, Givenchy wearing, Taylor Swift interrupting total bad-ass. As far as fashion goes, we are both rather simply yet elegantly interested in dark earth colored tones as well as vintage finds. Used goods are good goods. I don’t know if that saying is always completely true but as far as clothing goes, we strongly believe in it.

Anyway, we hope you all enjoyed the Holiday weekend and gave thanks for all the wonderful things that life has to provide. We will be back to write very soon to discuss more irrelevant/relevantly hip topics. It’s been a pleasure writing to you and we hope you enjoy reading as much as we do writing.


Brandon and Savannah

Written by Catherine Powell

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