For this month’s guest blog, we wanted to know how people in the spotlight used their powers to inspire others. Our first contributor is Michael Bruno of Honor Society. Check out what he had to say!

“Are you famous?” I get that question a lot, but I’ll come back to that in a bit. 

The task at hand for me is to describe how I use my spotlight to inspire those watching me. I’d like to talk about how I’ve helped inspire people through charity work. 

I’ll start with a story. Growing up my dad worked a construction job that he really disliked. Under-appreciated and under pressure he spent the better part of 30 years dealing with these frustrations..but amazingly I would have never known it. Every evening he would walk through the door with a smile on his face and say “honey I’m hoommmeee!” That image will be in my head forever, and as I got older and knowing the frustrations he was going through it always amazed me how he could walk through that door with a smile on his face, and not a fake one either. My dad (and mom who is also amazingly positive) never had to sit me down and teach me how to be positive even in the face of adversity, they just taught me through their actions…and I was inspired and influenced by being around it. 

The point of that story is that I try always to inspire by actions. Being in Honor Society I always remind myself “people are watching”. And not just on stage anymore. With social media like twitter people are “watching” in a whole new way… all.the.time. 

Some of the ways my band Honor Society has tried to inspire through actions is partnering with the Salvation Army while on tour. We tried to bring awareness that people can donate their time to help people, not just their finances. We wanted to show fans that while most bands spend their day not doing much until showtime we would be volunteering our time at homeless shelters, children’s recreation centers and clothing and food drives. We made youtube videos of these events and would encourage our fans to watch them and share them! Not exactly the picture of rock and roll standing out side a supermarket with an apron and a red bell asking for donations, but that’s the point, I wanted our fans to have the visual of someone they may look up to, someone they may think is cool doing these things and hopefully inspire them. 

So back to the question at the top, am I famous? The native New Yorker and cynic in me says: if you have to ask, then no, but I am 3/4 to 100,000 followers on twitter, that’s gotta be good for some fame points! haha. But the point is this, it doesn’t matter if I am or I’m not, my dad wasn’t and isn’t famous and your spotlight doesn’t have to be any bigger than to shine onto one other person to have a profound and inspiring effect on their life. 

If you want to watch one of the videos mentioned above: Honor Society and the Salvation Army

Written by Catherine Powell