We caught up with one of our favorite artists, Jacob Jeffries Band, to discuss what he does to inspire others as part of our September guest blog series. Check out what Jacob had to say!

Moving to New York City was something I needed to do. It was something we needed to do, as a band.  South Florida provided us with a fantastic launching pad – a firm, stable foundation for us to gather some fans and begin our growth as musicians and professionals in the music industry. Mostly, it seems, traveling beyond your hometown is the gateway to evolution.  Branching out is key in any business, especially music. Inspiring and spreading the word in a grassroots fashion is the blueprint for progress – get the show on the road, as they say… 

Considering the inconvenient trek required to ‘take our show on the road’ from South Florida (an 8 hour drive just to get out of Florida. Phew, exhausting…) and after setting sail from there plenty of times already, we decided this was the year. NOW was the time to start fresh, in the big apple. A transformation in atmosphere can only help, I believe. Sure, it’s a struggle.  Finding an apartment was the most frustrating, biggest pain in the butt. Like trumps-the-boiling-point-aggravation-accrued-on-the-DMV-line frustrating.  Now that I am settling in and we are booking shows in and around the city, I am thrilled to begin a new chapter.  I am ready to write all about my new experiences.  Some of the most stimulating sights worth indulging in are depicted in miniature scenes all over the city.  Strangers interacting with strangers – creating vignettes just screaming to be crafted into songs. Here I am, train hopping and park dwelling, anxious and ready to scribble everything down. 

Written by Catherine Powell