Our last “Aim To Inspire” entry comes from singer/songwriter David Rogue. His debut album Victim of My Circumstance is available on iTunes NOW so be sure to pick it up and check out what David had to say!

A song can be a very powerful thing. It can stir emotions that run the gamut from sorrow to pure elation.  A song can also evoke memories, both good and bad. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that, when I hear a certain song, I’ll start thinking of a place I visited in the past or have a flashback of an experience with a friend or family member. I associate certain songs with different periods and events in my life.  A song has a very singular power to tap into one’s consciousness.

As a singer/songwriter, I have two main means by which I can hope to inspire: 1) by writing a song that connects with an audience or 2) by delivering a performance in the studio or on stage that stirs something inside of people. I feel that too often the constraints of everyday life force people to suppress their feelings and hold things back.  A song or a performance has the ability to free people to feel and be honest with themselves. Whether through profound lyrics or a catchy hook, a song can have an impact by connecting with people’s emotions. The combination of words, sounds, and melodies can be quite potent.

I try to write songs that are accessible to as many people as possible. I don’t always write about things that really happen to me. Sometimes, I try to put myself in other people’s shoes.  But even though some of the surface story lines in my songs aren’t things that actually happened to me, my life experience is still reflected in the lyrics. Ultimately, if one line in a song makes someone think about life in a new way, I feel that I have inspired thought.  If a chorus that I write is stuck in a person’s head while he/she is going through his/her mundane tasks of life, then I am content.  Nothing pleases me more than to think about people running around their houses singing my hooks as they do their chores with smiles on their faces.

In terms of performance, I take that responsibility very seriously as well.  When someone comes to see a DAVID ROGUE show, I want people’s spines to tingle, I want tears to well up, I want people to dance.  For me, being on stage is a true privilege.  I am at my happiest when performing on stage with a microphone in my hand.  I’ve been told that my enthusiasm for what I do is obvious when I am on stage, and that my excitement is contagious. When I hear that comment, I am very pleased.  Some of my fondest memories in life are when I attended concerts of my favorite artists such as Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.  Being in the moment as an audience member at a truly great live performance is a sacred thing.

Different artists have their own styles, their own songs, their own messages.  I can only strive to be honest in both my songwriting and my performances and hope that my enthusiasm for what I do remains contagious and that I continue to reach more and more people with my music.

Written by Catherine Powell