The original purpose of Dance for the Dying – in the idea state, before the band was even formed – was to share the joy of living in the moment with as many people as were willing to share it with us. With the knowledge that all of us have a limited amount of time here, why not spend that time being happy? Many of our songs are written with an upbeat tempo and uplifting melody… even if the lyrics don’t always follow with the mood.

When we are performing our music, we want to inspire listeners to move and participate. Sing, dance, smile, do the silly hand gestures that are associated with the different songs. What was that thing the singer was playing? Come ask us after the show. Or send us an e-mail, Facebook message, tweet- that works, too. We’ll definitely reply.

Off stage we also like to encourage the people we interact with to be their best selves. For example, one of M.C.’s other personas is yoga teacher. She teaches all-level classes and incorporates playlists, mixing traditional and contemporary songs, to set the mood for each stage of practice. She sings chants to the class while they recover in savásana and strives to have every student feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they walk out of the room. She has a background in volunteer service, from riding along in a food truck designed to feed the city’s homeless population to fostering kittens. She’s had the opportunity to spend time with DC youth who are having personal or academic struggles and set them in a more positive direction. M.C. feels that she only recently grew into her own person, spending so much time worrying about what would make other people think she was succeeding that she didn’t make time to give an honest chance to the pursuits that made her happy, and basically just ended up failing all over the place. One of her goals is to reach out to people who are facing that same struggle and tell them that expressing who you truly are is the best thing you can do for everybody.

Likewise, drummer Chris Link not only strives to inspire people to live in the moment through enjoying Dance for the Dying’s music, he also feels that following his passion for music is an inspiration for his 2 year old son Oliver. “How can I possibly feel good about telling him to follow his dreams if I don’t make the necessary sacrifices to follow my own?”

Oliver, by the way, very much enjoys dancing to the band’s songs as well as playing air instruments while listening.