Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland Have Mercy is a true pop-punk band that I cannot stop listening to. Their new album A Place of Our Own is even titled to perfection. With an amazing talent for writing lyrics and music that you easily attach too, Have Mercy’s second full-length does not disappoint at all. Being their sophomore album, it’s hard to not be worried about where they took their direction, but they seemed to hit the nail on the head.

The album begins with a short song called “To Convey” that manages to get your heart-wrenching and blood pumping in under two minutes.

“Two Years” is next, and it’s hard not to get attached to the chorus of “Well I had a life and I had friends, and I miss all of them, I miss all of them.” The strength of the vocals mixed with the simple yet very strong guitar backing make it one of the strongest songs on the album.

The single “Howl” follows up, and is easily the best song on the album. It’s a feel-good pump up song that will be replaying in your head over and over again. It’s a lot cleaner vocals, and more of a laid-back feel. The song itself is a lot of fun, and definitely a good pick for the single.

“The Place You Love” also has a bit more of  take it easy laid back feel, a bit like “Howl”, with a great mix of smooth and rougher vocals, and more focus on the rough guitar parts. It’s a good contrast to the rest of the album thus far, and it preludes the remainder of the album quite well.

“Pete Rose and Babe Ruth” is my personal favorite on the album. If not for the awesome name, it’s for the insanely catchy lyrics, and the fantastic music set in the background. I truly love the chorus of this song more than the rest on the album. It’s one of those songs that you just latch onto.

“Spacecrafts” is probably my next favorite on the album. The intro alone had my heart-racing, and the quick singing in the verses are only bettered by the fantastic vocals throughout the chorus. It’s a really fun, yet very intense song that’s hard not to get stuck in your head. I’m also a huge fan of really good guitar solos/instrumentals and this song does that really well.

“Plastic Covered Furniture” and “Pawn Takes Rock” are the next two songs on the album. Although they are very well written, and absolutely beautifully put together, to me, they stand out the least. Perhaps it’s that they both have a bit of a similar feel, and if they were spread apart a bit more on the album, I probably would have enjoyed them a bit more. However, the songs themselves are great and are definitely worth a few listens.

“Inch by Inch” is a fantastic ballad. It’s primarily acoustic, with a few other things mixed in, but it’s really well done. It’s a very strong song to follow up the two before it, and it is a great break from the heavier sides of the album, while still giving you a very full heart lyrically. Favorite line “But hey, I’ve got my family and my health, and I’ve forgot all the humans that I’ve helped.”

“Nails and Teeth in Pavement” is next, and as the second last song on the album, it does a great job of beginning the wrap up. It fits very well right after “Inch By Inch”, starting off with a bit of a slower guitar part, and then getting into the a bit more punk-filled verse, and going back to a slower and more relaxed chorus. This song also has a really strong guitar part.

Finally, “Lean” closes the album strong. It is hard to not fall in love with this song. If not for the lyrics, for the perfect combination of drums and guitar that every final song on a pop-punk album is required to have. The lyrics are inspiring, and the music is the exact wrap up the album calls for.

Have Mercy’s second album, A Place of Our Own, overall is a fantastic album that you should be listening to. Please pick-up a copy here! And check them out on tour this fall with Neck Deep!

Rating: 9/10

By: Shelby Chargin

Written by shelby

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