Disney Channel’s latest series, I Didn’t Do It, is the channel’s first attempt to reach an older audience in quite a while. The show is set in high school and unlike the privileged/famous/rich characters in the majority of their programing, the kids in I Didn’t Do It are pretty normal. Here’s some reasons we think the new show isn’t just for kids…
1) The pilot begins with twins Lindy and Logan Watson explaining their wrecked house to their parents. Classic after-party aftermath. Their explanation: “Isn’t it your fault for having us?” I’m 20 years old and agree with that logic wholeheartedly.
IDIDNTDOIT_Y1_D101-F001_005_ful2) Lindy’s crush on senior and quarterback Seth Wall, “voted cutest boy in the world by anyone with eyeballs.” We’ve all known that guy. And we’ve all found out that sometimes he sucks.
3) Lindy and Logan’s group of friends are awesome. There’s fashionable Jasmine, quirky Delia and Garrett, the obsessive neat-freak. Do you have these people in your life? You definitely do.
I-Didnt-Do-It-10-600x3374) When their parents leave for the weekend, their babysitter, 91-year-old Mrs. Klasby, seems to have passed on on their massage chair. She’s only sleeping, but Logan suggests to go along with their planned party to “celebrate her life.” Sounds like something I would do.
I-Didnt-Do-It-600x3995) There’s a goat at this party. Think “The Hangover” for high school.
ac3ba51a2987a8ea74809a251cef6463-51c2146) The messages within the show are cute and charming, all while reaching an audience of both an older and younger crowd. Totally digging it.
Catch a new episode TONIGHT at 8:30PM!

Written by Catherine Powell

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