After two EPs, and a few singles along the way the long awaited 5 Seconds of Summer album is finally here. As promised, it’s filled with summer jams, some wonderful love songs, and some very pop-punk feels.  Produced mostly by John Feldman and a few others, I was definitely not surprised that I absolutely loved it.

The album starts with the bands first major single – dropped in February- “She Looks So Perfect”. It’s a feel good song with some of those punky feels we want from a band like 5SOS. The second song is “Don’t Stop”. The long awaited second single to drop that was paired with an awesome music video. The catchy chorus makes it a definite must have on any summer playlist.

“Good Girls” is next, and it’s one of the best on the album. One of the poppier songs on the album, but it’s a fun dance jam that tells the truth about all those girls they know.  Next is the first song co-written with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low on the album “Kiss Me Kiss Me”. A song dedicated to teenage memories, it really strikes you as lyrically much more pop punk than the songs before it. Although the music isn’t quite as punky, it’s definitely not lacking.

“18” is a homage to the need to grow up faster. Much like other pop punk songs, this one takes us on a journey of the want to do all those crazy things. The songs gets more catchy as it goes on, and it has a final note sung by lead Luke Hemmings that will make you swoon for days. “Everything I Didn’t Say” is a bit of a slower jam that brings us back to break-ups. Sigh. It’s a great song to cry your feelings out to sometime, with awesome drums and easily relatable lyrics. “Beside You” continues to stab at our hearts, and is a bit more of a poppy ballad. It’s one you can totally get into if you’ve ever lost a love.

The next two songs, “End Up Here” and “Long Way Home” were also co-written by Gaskarth. “End Up Here” is more along the pop punk lines of the album, and has some serious bad boy implications that we all know and love. “Long Way Home” is by far my favorite on the album. A song about reminiscing with the ones you love and taking the long way back to reality, it doesn’t disappoint.

In the US we get the song “Mrs. All American”, which has a few funny jokes thrown in about how turned on minivans make them. In the UK English Love affair is a steamy pop punk song that keeps you, well, almost satisfied. The Australian version of the album received the song “Lost Boy”, a song about a very Peter Pan boy who needs someone to rescue him. Again, swoon.

The final song on the album “Amnesia” is definitely one of the strongest on the album. Co-written with the Madden brothers, it’s a beautiful ballad. It ends the album on a very strong note, and keeps you wanting more. For a first album, 5SOS definitely delivered, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


Rating 9.5/10

By: Shelby Chargin

Written by shelby

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