It’s been over a decade since we were first introduced to the bold, energetic, and let’s be honest, slightly inappropriate pop duo that is, 3OH!3. Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte formed 3OH!3 back in 2004, and have been killing the electric pop game ever since. What is “3OH!3” you might ask?  The guys came up with this unique name by simply being proud of where they’re from.  They both grew up in the 303 zip code of Boulder, Colorado.

Their new and fifth studio album, Night Sports, comes 3 years after their last album, Omens, was released. 3OH!3 has collaborated with pop stars like Katy Perry, Kesha, and Neon Hitch, and have made it on the Billboard charts more than just a couple of times. The duo has been hinting at new music for the past couple of years, making Night Sports highly anticipated by fans from all over.

The album features 11 songs,  and as most 3OH!3 albums,  I probably wouldn’t suggest listening to them with your parents. That being said, this album is probably one of my favorite 3OH!3 albums, second only to Streets of Gold.  The entire album is a perfect example of what 3OH!3 is all about; having fun, speaking your mind, and not giving a damn about what other people are going to think about it.

Night Sports begins with “Fire in the Heavens”. It has the famous 3OH!3 chant at the beginning, the electro-pop beats that the fans love, but also a great chorus that you want to sing along with. Following that are songs like  “Hear Me Now” and “BASMF”, with the best beat drops. My personal favorites are “Hologram” and “Give Me Something to Remember”, both which feel a little more personal than the other tracks, and truly display the guys musical talents. In true 3OH!3 fashion, the album also features a new track, explicitly titled “My Dick”. While more comical than the other tracks, the song still has the killer dance beats that makes fans love 3OH!3.

Not many artists can be around for as long as 3OH!3 have been, and still have the fan base and highly anticipated albums that the duo does. What makes 3OH!3 different is that they aren’t afraid to shock people, and aren’t going to change their music to fit the current trends. That’s hard to find in artists nowadays that are always trying to stay on top. I’m looking forward to seeing the guys on Warped Tour this year.

(by Bianca Benker)


Written by Catherine Powell

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