We all know and love Ed Sheeran for his perfect songs, and his amazing attitude. Over the past few years, we have also learned that Ed is one of us with his hilarious tweets, but mostly, his dedication to food.


That time he sat next to a kid on the plane, and made us all believe he was the devil.


His need for food rivaling every teenagers on the planet.

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His food babies over the years.

Untitled 6 Untitled 11

His opinion the world’s problems.


Dino nuggets.


And now we know where food would be safe in a zombie apocalypse.

Untitled 8

The time he lost his socks…. And someone made a twitter for his socks.


His need for llamas because who doesn’t want llamas?

Untitled 4

His opinion on the music industry.

Untitled 3

When he described all of Tumblr in one tweet.


When he poses the question all Harry Potter fans have been trying to avoid, but have secretly thought about.

Untitled copy

His opinions on McDonald’s.


When he promoted criminal activity for candy bars.

Untitled 10

His obvious expertise in porn.

Untitled 12

When he had to tell us how hot the bridesmaid was at his brother’s wedding.


When he replies to Harry Styles…


And Niall Horan…


And Taylor Swift….


His love of ketchup.


The way he mocks the entertainment industry.


When he tried to call his fans “sheerios”


His descriptions of sounds.


Finally, his great opposition to twerking.

Untitled 13

Thank you Ed. You stand for all of us.

Written by Catherine Powell

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