Breakthrough pop singer/song-writer, Sia Furler is set to release her sixth studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear on July 8th  through RCA records. More famous for her collaboration with David Guetta in “Titanium,” Sia steers her career towards a more individualistic path with this record. Currently on repeat through radio stations all over the country, opening track “Chandelier” serves as a solid introduction to this laid-back pop anthology.

Having written for artists like Christina Aguilera and Rihanna in the past, traces of these aforementioned performers can definitely be heard in the track “Big Girls Cry” as it evokes a lot of emotion and gives emphasis on her light but highly compelling vocals. The first couple of tracks were very similar to one another, almost failing to seem special. The middle tracks gradually claim their place as the most solid tracks on the entire record, redeeming the mundane beginning.

“Eye of the Needle” stands out as its overall dynamic captivates the audience, and keeps them wanting to listen to everything this record has to offer. The energy in “Hostage” was refreshing and definitely spruced up the entire framework. “Fair Game” was also another favorite, as the uniquely minimalist instrumentation in this track sets the record apart from other pop records. “Elastic Hearts” which was co-produced by Diplo added to the unique quality of the collection. Easing us out of the record, “Dressed In Black” concludes 100 Forms of Fear naturally with its steady beat and strong vocal harmonies.

The lack of power and the strict coherence in this record might leave quite the bromidic impression on a first-time listener. Upon several rounds of playback, however, this record does grow on you and it serves as a stable addition to Sia’s discography.

Rating: 7.5/10

(By Dana Reandelar)

Written by Dana

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