It's Dave Franco's birthday, which means we get to give you a list of reasons we all love him with a bunch of cute pictures. Two of which feature cats. I think we all can celebrate today. tumblr_mbr1ya93Rx1qkdght We love your smile. dave franco shirtless We love you shirtless. tumblr_static_davegif3 We love you laughing.   dave-franco-and-christopher-mintz-plasse-funny-or-die We love your twisted sense of humor. images-5 We love your cats. 62550264f5a6fbeea37b843855bf8e74 We love you in a suit. We loved you in Scrubs.   tumblr_n3mu4fAmaF1twkqono2_1280 We love you in Neighbors.   22-jump-street-screenshot-dave-franco We will love you in 22 Jump Street. Franco-Family-Cats We love your family. b94f65fcb56b74e57754be944d1525c5   Let’s be real… when don’t we love you? Have an awesome birthday Dave! By: Shelby Chargin  

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